Head of School
Head of School
Mfah-Mfah Academy, Bandounga, West Region, Cameroon
500,000 frs – 2,500,000 frs total monthly compensation depending on qualification and experience

CNPS, Individual Retirement Account, life and medical insurance, annual international travel, career advancement etc.

Reports To: Mfah-Mfah Global, General Manager

School Information:

Mfah-Mfah Academy was born from the irrefutable idea that every child has innate talents and abilities. Developing and harnessing these individual capabilities will enable students to become outstanding global citizens with the ambition and ability to make a meaningful impact in their communities. For more information, please visit www.mfahmfahacademy.org

Position Summary

Mfah-Mfah Academy Head of School is responsible for enacting and preserving the distinct mission of the Academy. The Head of School must be and remain an outstanding model of the values of Mfah-Mfah Academy and advance these values in all aspects of daily life. As the lead educator and administrator, the Head of School is responsible for daily operations of the Academy and for implementing the vision and mission of Mfah-Mfah Academy.

The Head of School will be responsible for identifying, recruiting, and leading a highly qualified faculty and staff in implementing a wholistic education of every student at Mfah-Mfah Academy. The Head of School will supervise the intellectual, spiritual, emotional, physical, and social growth of every student and continuously identify, analyze, and implement programs that seek to improve educational outcomes. The Head of School will be the de facto spokesperson for the Academy with all its internal and external constituencies including students, parents, faculty, staff, alumni, neighbors, the business community, governmental agencies, and local, state, regional and national educational organizations and accrediting agencies.

The Head of School will equally work diligently to improve education programs, increase enrollment and retention, manage finances, and provide input to the Board of Trustees on these initiatives. This position requires a permanent and continued presence on campus while maintaining decorum, implementing contracts, and mitigating any internal or external conflicts that arise within the Academy community. 

The Head of School will sit at meetings with the Board of Trustees as a resource and strategic partner while maintaining and ex-officio, non-voting seat. The head of school advises the board but is not responsible for governance matters just as the board advises the head but is not responsible for management matters.

The Head of School:

  • Makes recommendations to the Board on operating and capital budgets
  • Keeps the board informed of all matters relating to the Academy including immediate communication to the General Manager of all major school occurrences
  • Provides data to assist the Board in decision making
  • Works with the General Manager to set annual performance goals
  • Seeks direction from the Board on new initiatives

The Head of School is the sole full-time employee of Mfah-Mfah Academy Board of Trustees with a 7-day working week.

Education and Experience

  • Master’s degree required. PhD Degree in related field preferred.
  • At least 7 years of experience as a classroom teacher, ideally in a secondary, high school or university setting.
  • At least 2 – 5 years administrative experience with direct reports, ideally in an academic setting
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Experience with the use of technology for education.
  • Demonstrated history of effectiveness in achieving set objectives.
  • Proven record of quickly assimilating into new environments, identifying areas for improvement, and affecting change, while cultivating positive relationships.
  • Proven track record of leadership with transparency and is receptive to an appropriate level of accountability. Welcomes and acts upon constructive feedback.
  • Strong organizational and interpersonal skills; ability to work effectively with all stakeholders, including administration, faculty, staff, parents, students, and program facilitators.

Specific Responsibilities:

Organizational Leadership

  • Provides key status updates and collaborates with the Board to refine long-term strategic plans. 
  • As Lead Educator and Administrator of the Academy, helps the faculty, staff, parents, and students to understand, embrace, and implement Mfah-Mfah Academy vision of education.
  • Supports Admissions events and contributes to community outreach efforts.
  • Provides leadership in ensuring adherence to best practices in daily operations.


  • Identifies, assists in recruitment, and manages a highly capable and qualified staff who would implement the vision of Mfah-Mfah Education and lead creative development efforts of new programs.
  • Frequently stress tests programs with faculty and assists in the implementation of improvements as necessary.
  • Remains informed on new methods and techniques in effective instruction globally and collaborates with faculty to implement evidence-based principles into the curriculum and overall program.

Executive Administration

  • Oversees smooth daily operation of Academy, including administrative and support staff.
  • Leads and supports admission committee by attending open house events, organizing, and participating in media events, meeting with prospective students and parents and making recommendations.
  • Ensures a safe and conducive learning environment is always maintained at Mfah-Mfah Academy and communicates needs to the General Manager and Board.


  • Primarily responsible for the wholistic and talent-based education of students. Organizes periodic review to monitor progress and success of programs
  • Can substitute and teach academic content as needed in place of faculty.
  • Organizes appropriate guest speakers, seminars, and colloquiums to expose students to a wide array of viewpoints and experiences. Builds relationships with other schools in and out of Cameroon for the benefit of Mfah-Mfah Academy students


  • Maintains an open-door policy to ensure parents feel welcome to discuss ideas and concerns; holds periodic Parent Conferences both on campus and virtually.
  • Encourages, counsels, and makes recommendation to parents on all topics related to pertinent aspects of their children’s growth and development.
  • Ensures students progress and challenges is communicated to parents in a timely and helpful manner.

Additional Notes:

This job description in no way states or implies that these are the only duties to be performed by the employee(s) incumbent in this position. Employees will be required to follow any other job-related instructions and to perform any other job-related duties requested by any person authorized to give instructions or assignments. All duties and responsibilities are essential functions and requirements and are subject to possible modification to reasonably accommodate individuals with disabilities. To perform this job successfully, the incumbents will possess the skills, aptitudes, and abilities to perform each duty proficiently. Some requirements may exclude individuals who pose a direct threat or significant risk to the health or safety of themselves or others. The requirements listed in this document are the minimum levels of knowledge, skills, or abilities. This document does not create an employment contract, implied or otherwise, other than an “at will” relationship.

Non-Discrimination Statement:

Mfah-Mfah Academy strongly supports equal employment opportunity for all applicants regardless of race, color, religion, sex, gender identity, pregnancy, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, age, marital status, physical disability, or medical condition.

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